Welcome to Ultimate Billing Service.  Thank you for the
opportunity to tell you about us.  U.B.S. Has been in
business for the past 28 years.  U.B.S. Is a professional
multi-specialty Medical Billing committed to providing
your practice with the latest practice management.  We
focus on limited clientele, match diagnosis with
procedures, electronic submissions, negotiation and
appeals, check and rechecked claims, dedicated to
maximizing the practice revenue, while adhering the
federal and state guide lines.

We specialize in OB/Gyn, Gastroenterology, Urology,
General Surgery, Oncology, Anesthesiology and hospital
base physician billing.  Ultimate Billing Service HIPAA
compliant.  U.B.S will eliminate your billing headaches
and helped strengthen your practice, which is your most
important asset.
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