Ultimate Billing Service is dedicated to provide high
quality service for your business needs.  Our mission is
to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with a
select group of medical providers by focusing on the
needs of our clientele.  We stress quality over quantity
in order to concentrate on providing the best services
for each of our client.  Our strategy allows us to provide
personalized and customized services that enable fluid
communication, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Fast and Accurate Medical Billing is the bread and butter
of medical providers.  Maximizing your reimbursement
on insurance claims requires time, diligence, and
expertise.  Medical providers depend on ULTIMATE
BILLING SERVICE to receive correct and timely
payment for their health care services.

We offer outstanding service and work in the billing
aspects of the business.

Medical providers can then concentrate their time and
effort where it is needed most.  Practicing medicine and
treating their patients.
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